Welcome to Peter Chappell School of Motoring who are proud to offer driving lessons in Redhill and all surrounding area’s. Originally we began providing driving lessons in Burgess Hill many years ago, we branched out quickly to offer driving tuition in Horsham providing first class driving tuition with very a high first time pass rates throughout Redhill Reigate and Burgess Hill

In 2010 we branched out further to offer driving instructors in Haywards Heath , this was due to the huge success with our student recommendations who we could not achieved what we have today. In January 2011 Peter Chappell School of Motoring decided to offer driving lessons in Redhill and Reigate where today we are still considered number one by all our passed and present students.

Although we may not be the cheapest driving school in Redhill but we certainly give our students exactly what they pay for. Fast 1st time pass rates, saving you the student more money. We train students/pupils of all ages offering Fast track Intensive driving lessons in Redhill and surrounding area’s to suit all stages of experience. Block Bookings for further discounts and not forgetting the Pass Plus Course in Redhill for those younger drivers looking to reduce their insurance quotations.

We aim to get all our students in Redhill to test standards in as little time as possible. We will work together to achieve a very high standard of driving ability with the use of a drivers record log, so you can keep track of your own progress. In Redhill we also offer Mock Driving Testsdue to popular demand. This will help to better prepare you for the actual driving practical test. So if your looking for Refresher Lessons in Redhill or Intensive driving courses in Redhill, Peter Chappell School of Motoring can cater for everyone. We hope you find our website both easy to navigate and informal, we would appreciate any feedback using the feedback button on the left of this page in red. Many thanks Peter Chappell School of Motoring.


Special offer, get your first three driving lessons in redhill or reigate for just £9.99 Each! This is a favourite choice for our new students and an un beatable price for driving schools throughout Crawley, Horsham, Redhill & Reigate.

Looking for  fast progress in Redhill and know what you need? Then this is the package for you. Take an initial 2 hours assessment in Redhill or Reigate and then space your remaining 3 hours over the coming days or weeks. We find those students who have had lessons previously prefer this deal.

Block book ten hours tuition in Rehill and Reigate and save on your lessons. Most pupils who have already taken 20 to 30 lessons previously prefer this package deal as it is usually enough to get them to test standards depending on your learning capacity. See also Intensive driving courses.


Whatever you circumstances from a novice through to an expert just needing a few lessons prior to your test, we have the right deal tailored to suit your individual needs. Peter Chappell School of Motoring can call out at your place of work or home, so where ever you are if your looking for a driving school in Redhill or driving lessons in Reigate or driving instructors in Crawley or perhaps driving lessons throughout Burgess Hill we can deliver the right package for you at very competative prices not to mention we also cove driving lessons in Haywards Heath.

Understandably we get quite alot of requests for Refresher Driving Lessons in Redhill and Reigate for so many different reasons. Whether your young, middle aged or old, the reasons can be anything from being banned for long periods to being nervous about parking your car at tesco’s. Perhaps you just have not driven for a long time and now your new job requires you to drive. Whatever your reasons we guarantee to give you back the confidence to be a safe driver in as short a time as possible. Please select the image above for more information.

You’ve passed your driving test – now you can drive on your own at last. But it doesn’t stop there; this is just the end of the beginning…

getting your own car will give you the independence you need. For a new driver, the cost of insurance can be sky high.

And the reason for this? Statistics show that new drivers account for the vast majority of road traffic accidents through inexperience. For more information on how reduce the cost of your insurance and become more advanced for example, Motoway Training then click the Pass Plus Logo above.

At Peter Chappell School of Motoring are enthusiastic driving instructors in Redhill who are eternally greatefull for all the recommendations we recieve. One of the biggest reasons we have been so successful over the years is due to our past and present students. We want to say thanks by offering a reward system which wont take long to receive. Simply recommend a friend to our school and after only 3 lessons have been completed we will give you a Free one hour driving lesson in Horsham or surrounding area’s. Please select the image above for more information.

Practical Test Explained

Your driving test will start with the driving examiner checking your documentation, getting you to sign the driving assessment form, then an eyesight check and some vehicle safety questions. You will then start your practical driving test which will include a specific manoeuvre. The driving test will last about 35 – 40 minutes. Throughout the test your examiner will be looking for an overall safe standard of driving, including when you are carrying out the set manoeuvres.Continue Reading..

Hazard Perception Test

To achieve a high score you will need to respond to the developing hazard during the early part of its development. The maximum score you can achieve on each hazard is 5. To acheive a high score you must click your mouse in the early stages of the hazard developing. It should be noted if you act inappropriately, during the video, by clicking your mouse continuosly, or in a pattern, you will score zero. At the end of that particular clip the computer will inform you that you have scored zero points. Continue Reading..  

Independent Driving Test

From the 4th October 2010 the Practical Driving Test included a section called “Independent Driving”. In the Independent Driving section of your test, you will drive for approximately ten minutes. The examiner will ask you to drive by either following a series of directions, follow traffic signs, or a combination of both. To help you understand where you’re going, the examiner may show you a diagram. It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember every direction, or if you go the wrong way, as long as you….Continue Reading..

It’s Your Test Day

Immediately before your test you should have a 1.5 hour lesson with your instructor to warm up and feel comfortable in the car. It also gives us the opportunity to go over those show me, tell me questions again, and if an issue is discovered (e.g. – a faulty bulb ) it gives us the time to put this right before your test. It’ll also help to calm any last minute nerves you may have, and to go over any concerns that you may have (e.g. – to cover any of the manoeuvres or the the emergency stop. Remember to bring along…Continue Reading..


  • Thanks for all your instruction and patience. So pleased to pass quickly. This will enable me to drive the works van and further my job.–Chris Reidy, Pulborough

  • Thank you very much for your instruction and patience and giving me the confidence to drive in this country. So different from Brazil, absolutely delighted to be able to drive again after only 12 lessons and passing 1st time.–Marco Garva, Burgess Hill

  • Thanks for all your instruction and patience. So pleased to pass quickly. This will enable me to drive the works van and further my job.–Chris Reidy, Pulborough

  • Thanks for all your help and patience, very happy and pleased to pass 1st time!!! .–Claire Brodie, Crawley

  • Thank you very much for getting me to pass my test and improve my confidence and skills.–Rebecca Martin of Nutfield, Redhill

  • Thank you very much for getting me to pass 1st time with only 15 lessons making me aware of using my bike riding skills in driving a car. Gave me great confidence.–Ashley Dansie , Reigate

  • Great!! So pleased. Thanks for getting me to learn to drive safe in 14 hours of driving lessons.–Kushan Buddhika , Crawley

  • Thank you very much for patiently analysing my driving habits and getting me to be less nervous by showing me how to be more confident.–Luke Insley , Crawley

  • I was so happy to chose Peter as my driving instructor because he is a proficient teacher. He knows the techniques in order to pass the practical test and become a safe driver. I will definately recommend him to other people.–Adeyinka Olosunde , Croydon

  • Very pleased to pass 1st time, having driven in several countries on an international licence, it was good to learn safe driving habits on these very busy roads.–Vimal , Redhill

  • Thanks for turning my driving around with your instruction and information so that I passed with 3 minors, much of which I was unaware and getting me to concentrate.–Muhammed Kamran, Reigate

  • Wow !! Amazing, thanks Peter. Living in Croydon, taking my test in reigate and not knowing the area, then passing 1st time. Great, just what I needed for my job.–Suleiman, Croydon